AT&T Generic Models (Not iPhone) (Not Found) **ONLINE**

<div class="info"> <h4>AT&amp;T USA - Generic "Premium" (Nokia, Amazon Fire, Kyocera, etc..) Slow</h4> <br />Hardlocked: No<br />Manufacture: All {Excluding Apple iPhone}<br />Model: All {"Not Found" use alternate service below}<br />Network: AT&amp;T/Cingular<span></span><br />Popular Models:<br />Amazon Fire<br />Asus PadFone X<br />Blackberry Z10, Q10<br />Garmin G60<br />HTC m8, Desire 610, Desire Eye<br />Kyocera DuraForce<br />NEC Terrain<br />Nokia Lumia 520, 635, 820, 830, 900, 920 1520, 2520</div> <p style="text-align: center;"></p> <div class="info">If is asking for "PUK" normally means is hardlocked,<br /><br />In case of problem unlocking your phone after delivery:<br /><br />1 : contact support with orders details (ORDER ID, IMEI+CODE)<br />2 : Record Video proof upload on youtube with following steps<br /><br />a) Phone show imei<br />b) phone show unlock attempts<br />c) crytal clear view of client entering code without touching any other keys<br /><br />now upload video on youtube and send us link with order details and we shall start verify procedure<br /><br />No verify available for samsung phones service will give only nck code and if phone need defreeze even nck wont work no refunds.<br /><br />No refund available for hardlocked phones with counter attempts finished.<br /><br />only if agree with below terms place orders.<br /><br />No cancellation policy:<br /><br />Service is api based and has no manual intervention . incase of delays need wait for supplier to clear the orders,no cancel even if order is overdue untill supplier approve cancel</div>
Price : 25.5$

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